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How to Cite a Web Source

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There are many ways to use a Web source, but how can you make sure that it’s reliable? Firstly, it’s crucial to identify the source. Often, web sources contain unreliable information. To avoid this, it is best to avoid them and instead use a reliable one. Fortunately, many scholars and students use the Internet extensively in their research and writing. Listed below are some tips for using the Internet to cite sources.

First, a Web source crawls the content of one website. By starting at a specified URL, it follows hyperlinks in pages to discover the entire site. The web source is set to run at midnight on a daily basis. A web source can be created from the Coveo Administration Console or by a Coveo administrator. This article will demonstrate how to create a SHARED (public) websource. To assign a specific Web source to a contact person, follow the steps below.

Identifying the source is particularly useful in the body of a paper, especially if the source is a blog. It allows the reader to understand the context in which the evidence is presented. However, listing a Web source requires more care than listing a print source, as it is much harder to verify authorship or location. As a result, the reader will need more information about the source to assess it and retrieve it for further research.

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