The Success of Canadian Social Entrepreneurs

The success of Canadian social entrepreneurs is evidence of the benefits of the Canadian economy and society. Moreover, Canadians are among the most willing to spend money for good causes. A recent study revealed that the global impact investing market is $502 billion. To encourage and reward these social entrepreneurs, government policies must balance the conflicting goals of profit-making and fostering social entrepreneurship. But while the desire to attract these entrepreneurs and their businesses is laudable, policymakers need to find a way to make the most of this opportunity. Find out – Marc Kielburger Social Enterprises Are Important For Canada’s Economic Growth Social enterprises are important for Canada’s economic growth. The government has recently released a strategy to support the growth of social enterprises. However, it is important to note that there is no governing body for these businesses. As such, these companies are prone to greenwashing, but there are also many Canadian social entrepreneurs who are already making a difference. Listed below are some of the most notable Canadian social entrepreneurs. These organizations are making a real difference in their communities and the world. There are many organizations that support the growth of social entrepreneurs in Canada. The Canadian Social Entrepreneurship Network has over 50 chapters in Canada. Several organizations focus on specific sectors, while others have broad mandates. Institute B is a national organization that provides consulting services for businesses that place societal value above profits. In 2013, the RBC sponsored a panel discussion on the principles of conscious capitalism and a financing workshop for social entrepreneurs. They are a great place to start.